How to send HTML emails in FileMaker using API calls with SendGrid

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How to send HTML emails in FileMaker using API calls with SendGrid

An often discussed limitation of FileMaker is the inability for the native platform to deliver HTML emails or attach more than a single file. By leveraging the Base Elements plugins ability to POST & GET we can talk directly to transactional email delivery providers like SendGrid and resolve these limitations. In addition we get some cool extras like:

  • Using HTTPS instead of traditional SMTP avoids almost all outbound enterprise firewall issues.
  • Sending 1 or 1000 emails is still the same single API call and all the SMTP heavy lifting is offloaded to the provider.
  • The API can also be used to check for message bounce to give your solution accurate delivery metrics, far better than users monitoring a reply-to inbox
  • Even the free account allows multiple sender domains to be configured (via CNAME) to ensure optimum deliverability with SPF and DKIM verification. The platform is smart enough to match the “from” domain with the matching senders domain.

Download the unlocked example FileMaker (v14 minimum) solution that demonstrates a simple implementation to send and email via an HTTPS POST with JSON parameters. It allows for both plain and html body content and optional inline or directly attached files. There is plenty more scope for enhancement but  that is mostly in the form of adding to the JSON POST data, the basics of the solution all work well. Enjoy!


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