World-first vaccine safety system leads the way


Custom-built business system and hosting


Claris FileMaker + AWS


A bespoke system that manages, monitors and tracks the adverse reactions to vaccines in Australia


Scalable solution that has been able to adapt as the client requires Real time metrics that can be leveraged by health authorities at any time Secure storage of data meeting strict governance protocols


World-first vaccine safety system leads the way

SmartVax is a world-leading software program, developed by Perth doctor and paediatrician Dr Alan Leeb, that uses smartphone technology to monitor vaccine safety in real time.

SmartVax plays a pivotal role in vaccine safety and is part of AusVaxSafety consortium, a national vaccine safety system led by the National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance, funded by the Australian Government Department of Health.

Established in 2015, SmartVax was first developed to track the effects of influenza vaccines in children. Today, the platform has grown into a multi-component vaccine reporting system working with medical practices and immunisation providers around Australia. SmartVax currently provides 97% of all active surveillance data analysed and reported by AusVaxSafety.

Appica became involved with SmartVax in its infancy to develop a system to collect and integrate data from several sites into a single database. What started as a rudimentary database for a dozen clinics has expanded to 355 sites nationally and continues to multiply.


Solid foundations underpin what’s becoming a valued community service

SmartVax had commissioned a Proof of Concept (PoC) for a system to store and monitor vaccine safety among patients in real time. The PoC was developed in Claris FileMaker, a worldwide leading innovation platform that enables greater versatility in software development.

Daniel Smith, founder of Appica said, ‘Before moving forward into full app development, it was important to understand the type of data that was being collected from various collection sites and how the information would be leveraged by two distinct groups; that being healthcare professionals and the public. From there, we systematically merged the sensitive data into a centralised database.’

As the patient information being collected is vital to informing decisions within the health sector, it was critical that the platform securely maintain and manage the integrity of the data. Appica was also asked to integrate the strict governance protocols associated with a health-related platform specifically around database management and data security.

In developing the PoC, it was important that the system could grow with the business as more medical practices and professionals adopted the platform, and develop user-friendly features to make it easy for both the industry and general public to participate.


The system can be enhanced with additional features to meet the needs of the health sector

Appica was engaged to develop and manage the entire software development of the surveillance system including architecting, building and subsequently hosting the platform on Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platform.

More than just developing software, the project involves working closely with government bodies, health care providers and research institutes to continually evolve the platform into a functional collection and reporting tool that provides access to critical data.

The fully scalable solution has stood up to being continually enhanced with new features, including integration with third party APIs like national vaccine monitoring agencies and national pharmacy networks to extract data.

Data is critical to government health departments and other stakeholders. Recently, Appica developed a real-time dashboard where the health industry can access live data on any reactions to a number of vaccinations.

‘We have been able to provide a good public safety service and it’s a system that is highly effective,’ said Dr Leeb. ‘We are seeing this in the take up by practitioners (increased by XX% in XX years) as well as the general public with patient engagement at over 75% response to SMS.’

Dr Leeb said, ‘Daniel has been an integral part of each step of our evolution, including the decision-making process. Our business has a depth of innovation and growth, and that’s all because of Daniel’s technical know-how and insights that he brought to the table,’

‘Daniel has been exceptionally reliable, and he’s gone out of his way for us and delivered far more than I could have expected.’


A sophisticated surveillance tool that gives access to critical health data

‘We’ve been really successful in what we set out to achieve. In fact, we’ve reached all our goals and created a world-first vaccine safety system which is second to none. Essentially, it’s something that Daniel has created. He’s been integral to the whole process, and indeed our team.’

‘A key outcome for SmartVax is being able to outsource all the technical requirements of developing and supporting a sophisticated system to subject matter experts,’ explains Daniel. ‘In being both Claris and AWS partners, we are well placed to support their ongoing requirements.’

‘We have been able to provide a turnkey solution in not only managing the ongoing feature development and support, but we also undertake the hosting in a secure managed environment.’

Dr Leeb explains the solution has grown as we have needed to. ‘Moving forward, we are now planning the next phase, which is to accommodate the monitoring of the COVID-19 vaccination. It really is an exciting time.’

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